Merionethshire Manganese Co. Ltd

Incorporated26 January 1907
ObjectsTo adopt a contract between Edmund Ernest Adamson and Charles Colthurst Holland (1) and the Company (2)
Registered OfficePrinces Bridge Works, Salford
Original Capital£4,500 as 4,500 shares of £1 each
DirectorsEdmund Ernest Adamson
Charles Colthurst Holland
Harry Johnson Wright of Llanbedr, mining engineer
Company SecretaryJoseph Leech Adamson
Dissolved20 November 1908
[PRO BT31/11824/91829]

In a letter to Registrar of Companies it was stated that “The Company was formed to acquire from the Vendors all their rights under three yearly mining leases from The Crown. The Crown would not grant mining leases to the Company. Please would the Registrar strike the Company off the Register.”

The three leases referred to above were probably in the Rhinog area [Down 1980: 42].