Barmouth Consols Copper, Silver-Lead & Gold Mining Co. Ltd

Incorporated22 July 1862
ObjectsTo aquire 236a 1r 15p in Llangelynin, Merioneth under a lease of 6th October 1860 from the Crown to Stoppard Thomas Jones, Charles Henry Baker and Thomas Watson.
Registered Office31 New Broad Street, London, E.C.
Original Capital£30,000 as 30,000 shares of £1 each
1862   George Hawkins
William Anderson
John Lee
Henry Thomas Scott
James Webb
David Turton Johnson
James Richards
Company SecretaryWilliam Etherington
1862  Anna Maria
Disolved7 March 1882
[PRO BT31/658/2776]

No returns filed 1863–1877. In 1878 stated to be “no longer carrying on business”.