Moel Llyfnant

LocationSH80873499 (Area map showing location.)
Production and Employment
RemainsLevel for 13 m north to lode, which extends for 8 m to east with some enlargement. Possible excavation on line of lode above level. Filled-in shaft. Tip. Possible shelter remains at SH80913501. Two ruined structures (the larger one possibly being a dressing platform and smithy) at SH80733494 with traces of track (built-up in places) from level to these structures. Two small possible trial pits ~100 m to north-west of level and ~20 m higher. (Februrary 2007)

Wilkinson [2003] has a reference to National Library of Wales – Henry Robertson of Pale – Evan Jones Report.

Morris [2003] describes this site but gives a location of SH80803486.

photo: Moel Llyfnant  

Moel Llyfnant

General view of Moel Llyfnant from the south.

The level is just below and to the right of the highest point (see enlargement). The buildings are below the skyline of the first shoulder to the left of the summit.

photo: level entrance  

Entrance to level

Level at SH80873499

photo: level  


View looking out of level to daylight from the lode.

photo: level  

Excavation on line of lode

Looking down into excavation on line of lode.

photo: level  

Walling near level

The purpsoe of this walling is unlcear but it appears to be associated with the mine site.

photo: level  

Quartz vein

View eastwards of prominent quartz vein aligned with lode.

photo: shelter  


Possible shelter remains at SH80913501.

photo: level  

Building remains

Possible dressing platform and smithy and (nearer camera) a smaller structure built into the hillside at SH80733494.

The track from the level descends across the scree visible at the top of the picture.

photo: level  

Building remains

Another view of the possible dressing platform and smithy.

The raised platform is possibly the remains of a smithy hearth.