Alternative nameMoelfre?
Pen Isa’r Cwm?
Production and Employment
Owners1824–1831? Jones Paynter & Co.

The location of this mine is unknown but it may be an earlier name for Moelfre or Pen Isa’r Cwm mine.

April 11, 17, 21, 22 1823 Samuel Holland records conversation with [John] Paynter of Minffordd about Paynter’s manganese [NLW MS4987].
21 June 1823 Application by Messrs Jones and Paynter for mining lease for manganese in Llanenddwyn [PRO CRES: 25/29 10307].
24 July 1823 Application accepted [PRO CRES: 25/29 10443].
22 Nov 1823 Lease authorised to Robert Jones and John Paynter [PRO CRES: 25/29 10859].
1824 Jones and Paynter paid £25 6s 6d (£25.33) royalty on manganese [PRO LRRO: 3/87].
Michaelmas 1824 to Michaelmas 1826 Jones Paynter & Co. sold 40t 5c (40.25t) manganese at £4 per ton; freight, harbour dues, weighing etc. cost £1 2s 10d (£1.14) per ton [PRO LRRO: 3/87].
17 Feb 1825 Jones and Paynter returned the draft lease, saying there was not sufficient demand for manganese to enable them to keep ten men constantly employed, and requested that the number be reduced to four. The Board did not grant the request (presumably, the lease, as normal, stipulated the minimum number of employees) [PRO CRES: 25/29 12398].
(Year to?) Michaelmas 1831 Jones and Paynter, Llanenddwyn and Llanbedr, sold 28t 9c (28.45t) manganese at £2 5s 0d (£2.25) per ton; carriage totalled £8 10s 9d (£8.54) [PRO LRRO: 5/33].