Cwm Mawr No. 2

Alternative nameCwm Mawr South ? [Wilkinson 2003: 14749]
Cwm Bychan ?
LocationSH632317 (Area map showing location.)
Geologysee Cwm Mawr No. 1
OwnerSamuel Griffith 1890–1898
Production and Employment

underground surface
TransportPresumed cartage to Llanbedr station. There are various tracks assciated with the workings including one that leaves the track to the farm at SH63173158 and rejoins it at SH63323183.
RemainsAn extensive area of surface workings, levels and tips and a loading bank (none of which are shown on Down’s plan) between the track and the river south of Cwm Mawr farm. Loading banks beside track to farm at SH632316. There are three delapidated buildings which may be associated with the workings. (March 2005)

graphic: plan

Down [1980: 36] comments that the location is uncertain and suggests that it may have been “the two small workings beside the track leading to Cwm Mawr farm”. However, these appear to be associated with the main area of workings to their east.

Wilkinson [2003: 14749] records Cwm Mawr South at a location of SH633316. The proximity of this location and the fact of Samuel Griffith being the Operator and Agent suggests that it is the same mine.

The recorded output is very low considering the extent of the workings.

Described as “idle” in 1923 [Dewey & Dines 1923: 65].

See also Cwm Mawr No 1

photo: workings   Workings

Main area of workings with tips and a loading bank (centre) visible.

photo: loading bank   Loading bank

Loading bank at SH63313172.

A closer view of the loading bank visible in the picture above. Platforms such as this were probably used for ore storage and dressing before the ore was loaded into carts for transport. Note tips behind the loading bank.

photo: workings   Workings

A further view of the workings. There are a number of adits behind the trees to the left of centre of the picture.

photo: building   Building

Building, purpose unknown but close to the tips and presumed to be associated with the mine. There is an internal wall parallel to the right-hand wall in the picture which partitions-off a space approximately 2 m x 1 m.

photo: loading banks   Loading banks at SH632316

Two loading banks (right foreground and left middle distance) beside track from Cwm Bychan road to farm.