Cae Coch

Alternative names
Production and Employment

Evidence of a manganese mine of this name comes from an instance of the North Wales Quarrymens Union (NWQU) taking an interest in the men who worked at the Merioneth manganese mines. The NWQU had a lodge at the Cae Coch mine, near Llanbedr, in 1917 [GAS/X/NWQU 5].

There are known instances of the NWQU at that time representing the interests of former members who had been forced, as a result of the war effort, to relocate and work elsewhere. It is possible that some of the miners at Cae Coch, who comprised the NWQU lodge members in 1917, may have been former slate quarry workers, relocated to Cae Coch as part of the war effort [Roberts, D 2002].